Ordering a diamond made from ashes or hair is simple

After the passing of a loved one, the family is faced with many decisions some of which need to be made promptly. A diamond burial is just as convenient and simple to organize as any other type of funeral and we will help you with the process. Perhaps you want to create a prepaid diamond burial plan for yourself, the process is just as simple and shows your desire to become a diamond as well as takes the burden away from your loved ones later.

Compared to a traditional burial it is even more simple to realize. Learn more about how to order your ALGORDANZA Cremation Diamond in the following section.

1. The Diamond's Carbon Source

ALGORDANZA offers a few ways which Cremation Diamonds can be made, please read our indepth information on how ashes or hair are turned into diamonds and why ALGORDANZA is the world’s first choice for creating Cremation Diamonds.

If you have any questions about the process of turning ashes to diamonds or want to make arrangements to visit our production facilities in Switzerland, please contact Keith Kroon your ALGORDANZA representative for South Africa.

Prepaid Diamond Funeral Plan Algordanza Switzerland
Ash Diamond Ring Algordanza Switzerland

2. Who is the Cremation Diamond for?

Would you like a large diamond created as a remembrance of your loved one? Such a diamond could be displayed at home for all family members to see or made into a piece of jewellery like a ring or pendant. Depending on the amount of ashes available, multiple diamonds can be made.

Would you like a limited number (up to 4) smaller diamonds made for each family member to remember their lost loved one in their own way? Depending on the amount of ashes available we can make multiple diamonds for each family member.

3. Delivery, Pick-up or Shipment

Your funeral home will organize the funeral service and cremation for you. We understand that handling your loved one’s ashes or remains can be overwhelmingly emotional, therefore we offer three options.

Option 1: ALGORDANZA South Africa will travel anywhere within SA to personally secure your ashes or hair, whether from you personally or from your funeral director.

Option 2: Alternatively, if you would prefer to personally hand over the ashes/hair yourself, and visit our lab in Switzerland, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Option 3: We can provide secured shipment of collected ashes or hair to our ALGORDANZA Swiss Lab free of charge.

Handing Over Ashes to Rinaldo Willy Founder of Algordanza
Algordanza client signing contract for cremation diamond

4. Peace of Mind

Once you are sure the type, cut and size of your cremation diamond, we will arrange an appointment to visit you personally in order to sign the necessary documents in order to create your cremation diamond.

A unique reference number will be provided to you for your future tracking purposes, and 50% of the payment is required at this stage.

5. Your Ash Diamond is Ready

Once our Swiss lab has received the ashes or hair, it will take approximately (depending on the size) 4 to 8 months for the growth of a cremation diamond.

We will inform you of every step of the creation process.

Once your cremation diamond is finished, we will arrange to deliver your diamond to you personally. The remaining 50% payment is due upon completion.

Ash Diamond Inspection Algordanza Switzerland



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