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Cremation and Memorial Diamonds from Ashes or Hair

Since 2004, Algordanza has been turning ashes to diamonds with a strong commitment to helping individuals remember and keep close the the loved ones they’ve lost. With Swiss precision to quality and detail we invite you to take a look at how we are the world’s leading ashes to diamonds producer.

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Heart cut cremation diamond from Algordanza

What are memorial diamonds?

A memorial diamond, also called an ash diamond or cremation diamond is a unique alternative or addition to the traditional urn interment in which we take the cremation ashes or hair from a loved one and turn them into a diamond by simulating the natural diamond making process with special HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) presses.

Our commitment

ALGORDANZA is the only certified memorial diamond producer in the world that invites their customers to their production facilities and has been turning ashes into diamonds since 2004. Choosing the right memorial diamond expert is essential for your peace of mind.

Memorial diamond cost and selection

ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds are created as unique rough diamonds, just as nature would form them. Choose between a hair diamond or cremation diamond. Then choose the desired size and the right cut for the diamond, this decision should reflect your loved one’s personality.

An expert gemcutter will cut the memorial diamonds for you by hand. We offer six cuts: Brilliant, Emerald, Asscher, Princess, Radiant and Heart. 

The cost of a memorial diamond is usually not higher than the expected costs associated with a traditional burial with the associated grave maintenance. ALGORDANZA ash diamonds start at R36 000 for a medium size 0.30 carat diamond.

The process which ALGORDANZA used to create diamonds from cremated remains has been officially notarized by a Swiss notary public.

The cost of a memorial diamond is the same or less than a traditional burial with maintenance fees
How ashes are turned into diamonds
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Creating a diamond from ashes or hair - This is how memorial diamonds are made

The ALGORDANZA manufacturing process in Switzerland produces blue, synthetic diamonds that have the same physical and chemical properties as diamonds that occur in nature.

In order to be able to grow a diamond from ashes or hair, we need at least 500g of cremation ashes or at least 5g of hair. From the ashes or hair we extract the carbon, which we then convert into graphite and later transform into a diamond. To do this, we must simulate the extreme pressure and high temperatures that are also necessary for the natural formation of diamonds within the earth.

Each diamond is unique and therefore as singular as the loved one from which it was created

Pre-plan your diamond burial

Do not leave your funeral and memory to chance after your death. Pre-plan to have your ashes turned into a diamond now and secure your wish to have a cremation diamond made from your ashes already during your lifetime. A process that will spare your family additional tasks and financial burdens, in a time of grief and mourning.

With the ALGORDANZA Prepaid-Plan you are expressing your wish for one or more memorial diamonds to be made from your cremated ashes for your loved ones after your passing. Your funds are 100% guaranteed and the prices at contract creation will be valid and will never change.

Pre-Plan to be a diamond with the Algordanza pre-paid diamond funeral plan

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes – the ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond has the same physical and optical properties as a natural diamond. In our production site in Switzerland we recreate the natural formation conditions so that your individual ALGORDANZA Cremation Diamond can grow.
The cremation of an adult can produce up to 4 kg of ash. It is not the volume of ash that is decisive for the diamond burial, but its carbon content. As a rule, 500 grams of ash are enough for the production of a cremation diamond.
Approximately 5g of hair is required to grow one or more memorial diamonds.
With our certificate, we guarantee the authenticity, weight, cut and color of the diamond as well as the origin of the diamond from the carbon source given to us.

Yes! We know that there are many Ex-Pats from the UK and Canada that live in South Africa. Our Ashes to Diamonds service is a great help to individuals who have lost a loved one in the UK. Our Ashes to Diamonds service in Canada is located in Vancouver, but services all of Canada.

One Last Step

Regardless if you are looking to have a Memorial Diamond now or want to pre-plan your Memorial Diamond – ask for current prices and we will send you all necessary information. Free and without any obligation!



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