ALGORDANZA Diamond Cost & Selection

In the case of ALGORDANZA Cremation Diamonds, more than 80% are VS1 or above – high-quality with minimal visible flaws. By definition, VS1 diamonds are those that are Very Slightly Included. These inclusions, however, are rarely noticeable to the naked eye and in ALGORDANZA Cremation Diamonds these inclusions accentuate the uniqueness of each diamond.

Algordanza offers diamonds in various sizes ranging from 0.15 carats to 1.0 carat. Larger sizes (up to 2.0 carats) are able to be grown upon special request. If you would like your cremation diamond set in a piece of jewellery, it is best to consider the jewellery settings first before you decide on the size of the diamond.

Algordanza Diamond Cost

Some funerals cost in excess of R100 000, which is much more than the starting price of a Memorial Diamond. Prices start at R36 000 for a 0.3ct rough diamond. The price depends on three factors:

  • Diamond type (Pure, Hair or Origin)
  • Size (Carat) common sizes are 0.15 to 2.0 carats
  • Having the diamond cut or uncut (rough)

Note: The production cost of a rough diamond is up to 40% less than a cut diamond.

Algordanza Diamond Clarity

Diamonds consist of 99.9% carbon – the element of all life. Diamonds are created in nature over millions of years inside the earth under high pressure and temperatures. The name diamond has its origin in the late Latin ‘Diamantem’ and Greek ‘Adamantem’, whos meaning is similar to invincible.

A diamond’s clarity refers to the visual appearance of blemishes and inclusions. Normally the clearer, the more valuable the gem.

Less than 1% of all diamonds ever found in the earth are flawless (without any inclusions). In fact, diamond imperfections are almost inevitable. The inclusions in diamonds found in the earth appear as small crystals, clouds or feathers. Sometimes these inclusions are invisible to the eye.

Natural & Unnatural Diamond Colours

The colour of diamonds is caused by impurities or defects in their diamond grid.

Due to the element boron ligated to our bodies naturally, ALGORDANZA Cremation Diamonds can be perfectly white or clear (extremely little amount of boron in the ashes) or be very dark blue (great amount of boron in the ashes). The intensity of the shade depends on the amount of boron within the diamond grid, but Cremation Diamonds are naturally white to blue.

If a cremation diamond is amber, yellow or any other colour, then impurities have been introduced accidentally through poor processing or intentionally into the diamond grid.

ALGORDANZA has the highest quality processing available and we do not influence the colouration of our diamonds.

A Single Cremation Diamond

Depending on the amount of cremated ashes or hair, one or two larger diamonds can be grown, usually such diamonds are displayed at home or set into jewellery. Although single diamonds are usually no more than one-carat, Algordanza can grow up to a two-carat diamond if enough ashes or hair is available.
Single Ash Diamond Sizes Algordanza UK

Family Cremation Diamonds

Alternatively from ashes, hair or a combination of both, we are able to create up to four smaller,usually similiar sized, family diamonds which are available as brilliant cut or rough (uncut) diamonds. We call these family Cremation Diamonds because usually the smaller diamonds are distributed among many family members each having their own unique way to remember their loved one.

Family Diamonds Algordanza

Cremation Diamond Cut

The better the cut of a diamond, the greater is its brilliance.

The cut is the only man-made quality feature of a diamond. The right cut is important, because it has the ability to unleash the brilliance of a diamond and make a feature of its beauty. For the perfect cut, the proportions are important.

We entrust your personal cremation diamond to only expert diamond cutters, who cut diamonds by hand. The size and cut can vary depending on the shape and size of the rough diamond. We have six cuts available: Brilliant, Emerald, Asscher, Princess, Radiant, and Heart. Brilliant is one of our most popular choices.

Rough Diamonds

Rough diamonds or uncut diamonds, are prefered by many clients because they reflect their loved one’s “Rough Edges” both having been naturally formed. No two rough diamonds are the same and are therefore unique. Rough diamonds are slightly polished in order to give them a proper shape.

“Someone who was young and free spirited. A neatly cut diamond may not reflect the true essence of that person …” In response to customers’ feedback, we have decided to add uncut cremation diamonds to the selection of Algordanza diamonds, delivering the hidden brilliance of our loved one’s.

It is possible to set rough diamonds into beautiful jewellery. The most popular choice is to set a rough diamond into a pendant and show off the unique texture of the rough diamond.

Laser Inscription

Each ALGORDANZA Cemation Diamond is inscribed with a unique authentication code pertaining to the order number as well as the ALGORDANZA Signet Logo.

A personal inscription may also be engraved on your memorial keepsake but this laser inscription is only visible with a microscope. Depending on the size of the diamond, between 25 and 50 characters are possible.

Ashes or Hair into Beautiful Jewellery

In South Africa as well as the UK, it has been especially gratifying to see how our clients have taken their ALGORDANZA Cremation Diamonds and set them into jewellery, reflecting the uniqueness of each loved person. You can set your Cremation Diamond into rings, pendants for neclaces or custom design your own jewellery.

Algordanza does not provide jewellery setting services, however we can recommend trusted jewellers having been previously used by our customers.



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