Ashes to Diamonds Cost for South Africa

The cost to turn ashes into diamonds starts at R36 000.

There are only a few cost factors for turning hair or ashes into diamonds, however our clients value our high quality and service standards and more importantly, peace of mind that they have chosen the most respected ashes to diamond company worldwide.

uncut cremation diamond / ash diamond Algordanza

Algordanza Diamond Cost

Some funerals cost in excess of R100 000, which is much more than the starting price of a Memorial Diamond. Prices start at R36 000, the price depends on three factors:

  • Diamond source (Ashes, Hair or Combination of both)
  • Size (carat) common sizes are 0.15 to 2.0 carats
  • Having the diamond cut or uncut (rough)

Since a diamond actually grows over time, the diamond’s end size could be slightly smaller or slightly larger than requested. If the diamond is smaller, the price will be reduced, however if the diamond is larger, no extra costs will incur.

The costs of turning ashes to diamonds includes collecting the ashes or hair, shipping fees to and from Switzerland, all processing fees, growth of the diamond, cutting or polishing of the cremation diamond and finally, delivery to you.

Algordanza Diamond Clarity and Value

The process of creating a diamond from ashes is more complex and costs more than making a diamond from hair. Blue and colourless diamonds are the most difficult and time consuming diamonds to grow, taking months from start to finish.

Algordanza specializes in these very rare and precious gems.

Two main cost factors for Algordanza cremation diamonds include:

Processing: Algordanza developed a very high-quality processing techique in 2003 and has been constantly improving it ever since. Our process creates carbon that is 99.99% pure which grows beautiful colourless to blue diamonds. Constant improvements in processing are invaluable.

Growth Time: Colourless and blue memorial diamonds take months of precise work and observation, cremation diamonds that are yellow, amber or black are quickly manufactured without respect or reverence to detail. Red and green diamonds cost slightly more than yellow diamonds, because they are yellow diamonds that have been exposed to radiation.

Brilliant Cut Ash Diamond Algordanza Switzerland
diamonds from ashes or hair are different shades of clear to blue because of boron

Costs Related to Diamond Colour

Due to the element boron ligated to our bodies naturally, ALGORDANZA cremation diamonds can be perfectly colourless (very little amount of boron present) or be very dark blue (large amount of boron present).

If a cremation diamond is amber, yellow or black, then impurities have been introduced accidentally through poor processing or intentionally into the diamond grid. Such processing is less expensive because less time and poorer quality chemicals are used. Red and green diamonds cost slightly more than yellow diamonds, because they are yellow diamonds that have been exposed to radiation.

ALGORDANZA has the highest quality processing available and we do not influence the colouration of our diamonds made from ashes or hair.

Because we strive to deliver flawless diamonds from ashes, our process costs upwards of 30 times more than that of other cremation diamonds, having been mixed with inexpensive industrial carbon.

Technology Costs for Turning Ashes to Diamonds

It can take many weeks or months to grow a diamond from ashes or hair. The larger the cremation diamond should be, the longer it needs to stay under observation in a controlled environment in order to properly grow, which is a major cost factor in time and energy.

Algordanza also has the most sophisticated HPHT presses made in Germany, not BARS presses which are half the size, have less than half the precision and less than half the cost. We take great pride in delivering the highest quality memorial diamonds since 2004.

In order for a lab grown diamond to understand how it should grow, a real diamond seed is needed to start the diamond synthesis. We use real diamonds to start the growth process, which not only reflects our high quality but also is reflected in out price.

carbon source for ash diamond / cremation diamond from Algordanza
different cuts and shades of blue memorial diamonds from ashes by Algordanza

Prices for Cremation Diamond Cuts

The better the cut of a diamond, the greater is its brilliance.

The cut is the only man-made quality feature of a diamond. The right cut is important, because it has the ability to unleash the brilliance of a diamond and make a feature of its beauty. For the perfect cut, the proportions are important.

We entrust your personal cremation diamond to only expert diamond cutters, who cut diamonds by hand. The size and cut can vary depending on the shape and size of the rough diamond. We have six cuts available: Brilliant, Emerald, Asscher, Princess, Radiant, and Heart. Brilliant is one of our most popular choices.

The heart cut costs costs R8 000 more, due to its complexity.

Reduction of Cost for Rough Diamonds

Rough diamonds or uncut diamonds, are preferred by many clients because they reflect their loved one’s “Rough Edges” both having been naturally formed. No two rough diamonds are the same and are therefore unique. Rough diamonds are slightly polished in order to give them a proper shape.

Diamonds from ashes or hair that are rough (uncut) are simply polished to give them a proper shape, since they are not cut, the cost of a rough diamond is less than a cut diamond.

It is possible to set rough diamonds into beautiful jewellery. The most popular choice is to set a rough diamond into a pendant and show off its unique texture and shape.

rough (uncut) ash diamond / memorial diamond Algordanza
Keith Kroon, your Algordanza representative in South Africa

Free Pick-up and Delivery by Keith Kroon

Most ashes to diamonds companies tell you that it is a benefit to only deal directly with them, just send your ashes or hair through the mail and they promise you’ll get what you’ve paid for. That’s positive?

Positive is care and repect given to the ashes of your lost loved one, that is why we deal with thousands of funeral home throughout the world, for added security for you. It may cost more, but isn’t the security and peace of mind worth that extra cost?

The ashes of your lost loved one are precious, don’t let just anyone have them.

Laser Inscription

Each ALGORDANZA cemation diamond is inscribed with a unique authentication code at no extra cost with the order number as well as the ALGORDANZA Signet Logo.

A personal inscription may also be engraved on your memorial keepsake for an extra fee, but this laser inscription is only visible with a microscope. Depending on the size of the diamond, between 25 and 50 characters are possible.

Algordanza Laser Inscription on Ash Diamond
White Gold Ring Algordanza Switzerland Ash Diamonds

Ashes or Hair into Beautiful Jewellery

In South Africa as well as the UK, it has been especially gratifying to see how our clients have taken their ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds and set them into jewellery, reflecting the uniqueness of each loved person. You can set your cremation diamond into rings, pendants for necklaces or custom design your own jewellery.

Algordanza does not provide jewellery setting services, however we can recommend trusted jewellers having been previously used by our customers.

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